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Duties and Responsibilities of a Guild Officer
Guild Officer's Creed
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Guild Creed
Mystic Council

We, the leaders of Mystic Council, agree to the following principals:

1. To uphold the Ascalonian Creed and all of its principals.
2. To befriend as many members of the Mystic Council as possible.
3. To help maintain a civil and friendly atmosphere in the guild.
4. To seek out and find upstanding individuals who will likely fit in the Mystic Council.
5. To represent the Guild Leader in times when the guild leader is not present in the world.
We, the leaders of the Mystic Council, will above all display the utmost chivalry in our quest to restore the seared lands and protect our kin and friends with honor and dignity.

Those interested in becoming an officer must agree to these principals, uphold the Ascalonian Creed and do everything possible to best represent our interests in the game. If this tremendously important task interests you, please post on the guild forums about your interest.

Restore that which has been lost. Join the Mystic Council.