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Guild Creed
Mystic Council

That which we believe, we swear to, we live by - for our honor, our glory and salvation.

Ascalonian Creed
The lands, tarred and scorched, scattered about. Homes and fields destroyed. Mass starvation at the hands of unknown and terrible magicks. Beasts most wicked patrol the lands. These are dark days, terrible times. However, in the dark night sky exists an overwheling, glittering light - an unstoppable hope harnessed by the Mystic Council.
Those brave and ready may join our cause. Those righteous and willing may join our cause. Those friendly and just may join our cause. We, the few, shall curtail those wretched forces that have seared our prestine lands. We shall smite our foes for the wicked deeds they have committed and restore the beauty of Ascalon and the kingdoms of man. Stand tall and fight, weary veterans, there is a war to win!

Ascalonian Creed
1. We, the Mystic Council, are just and upright citizens of the kingdoms of man. We will not employ Charr-like tactics to achieve success as a guild.
2. We, the mystic Council, recognize that humankind has already lost if we cannot behave maturely, for humans are no longer humans when they take on the practices of the Charr.
3. We, the Mystic Council, shall never harass other players - for they too have dealt with great loss in the years since the searing.
4. We, the Mystic Council, shall team together whenever possible to rectify the evils done by the dreaded Charr. Our friends and brothers come before unknown strangers.
5. We, the Mystic Council, shall exist first and foremost as members of this council - we hold no allegiances to any other guild or group of Ascalon or otherwise, nor shall we participate in the activies of other guilds before our own brethren. At times we may be forced to work peacefully with other forces, but never to work for them or be employed by them.
6. We, the Mystic Council, are firmly determined to undo what has been done and will work hard to combat injustice, hunger and poverty in the kingdoms of man. With hard work comes great rewards.
7. We, the Mystic Council, whenever awake in the world of Ascalon, will work towards enjoying ourselves and not stressing over the losses due to the searing. A positive atmosphere is necessary in these bleak times in order to survive. We shall not argue with each other or attempt to hurt one another in ways far more powerful than sword or spell - words.

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Restore that which has been lost. Join the Mystic Council.