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Dewery's Page
Lionhearted in all his shapes and sizes...
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Lionhearted in all his shapes and sizes...

Hey, look at me! ME ME ME! Silly chanters sure know how to have fun!


Believe it or not, I actually made MYSELF an ogre. Yes, I sure did. But it wasn't through my magic ... it was through the magic of LDoN (or the boxes that someone opened within one). Kizzak deserves the rest of the credit though. Him and all his AAs.


Kizzak made me a Dwarf! I'm a slick looking dwarf too, if I don't say so myself...


An Iksar is, essentially, the very opposite of a Wood Elf. Contrary to popular belief, Dark Elves are not the opposite. They're just misguided. Sure, they need a tan -- and they definately need the warmth and radiance of our blessed Tunare -- but they aren't Iksar. But, I look good as an Iksar too.


Out of them all though, raise your hand if you think I look best as a Froglok? **raises hand**


My most recent picture ... a very dark and scarry night in the Plane of Innovation ... much scarrier place than it sounds (at least the factory is!)

My Everquest Guild -- Keepers of the Glade!