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Dewery's Page
Lionhearted in all his shapes and sizes...
Sites of Norrath
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Sites of Norrath


I've been to a lot of places on Norrath -- and beyond -- and seen a lot of strange and beautiful things. Here are some of them!


Statue of a Hill Giant ... from where? I can't remember.


LOL There be wolves about! ... in the bazaar.


The Sword in the Stone ... in the Hole. I hope it won't bring the nasty evil necromancers of Paineel to power someday!


Strolling along in the Plane of Growth, home of my beloved goddess Tunare, and I see these little fellers in their village. When you get up so close, however, they're not so small ... as tall as a Wood Elf. They're giant wood fairies! They must have royal bloodlines to be so tall.

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