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Dewery's Page
Lionhearted in all his shapes and sizes...
Sites of Norrath
Raid Kills, be it us or the mob!
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Raid Shots

These are the many images imbued on Lionhearted's mind as he has defeated his great foes, often with the help of his guild - Keepers of the Glade. Look for more images in the future.


Cazic Thule met the furious wrath of Lionhearted.



An Inny kill from a long time ago...

After clearing all of Cazic Thule's allies, the God of Fear was slain by the forces of the Keepers of the Glade -- Lionhearted accompanying them with the divine mission of cleansing the lands of Cazic Thule's stink so Tunare's grace can endure permanently.

Inny threw us halfway across the zone in outrage, but died several times to our combined might.

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My Everquest Guild -- Keepers of the Glade!